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Tugdock’s breakthrough technology goes global

Brand Innovation recently completed its first six months providing strategic marketing and PR support to the team at Tugdock, significantly raising the company’s profile around the world.

Tugdock is a start-up company based in Cornwall, UK. Its patented marine buoyancy technology enables heavy marine structures, such as floating offshore wind turbines, to be built or assembled and loaded-out in ports with water depth or space restrictions.

Shane Carr, CEO of Tugdock, says: “At Tugdock, we are on a mission to overcome the issues faced by most of the world’s ports and conventional dry docks, which are often constrained by size, water depth or tidal range. The sheer scale of floating offshore wind turbines and sub structures creates a significant logistical challenge. Our unique technology has been designed to meet this challenge head on.”

The PR campaigns devised by Brand Innovation have generated more than 100 articles of news coverage in key business titles around the world. You can view a selection of these by clicking on the links below:

Lucas Lowe-Houghton, Director of Strategy and Growth at Tugdock adds: “Our goal is to deploy Tugdock technology in locations that will enable local construction and O&M of floating offshore wind projects around the world, creating real value for our clients and local supply chains. It is a game-changer for floating offshore wind.”

Find out more about Tugdock technology at:


Image courtesy of Blackfish Engineering Design Ltd

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